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Why sponsor PrivacyTools?

This sponsorship program is designed to allow companies, organizations, and individuals partner with the PrivacyTools team to support our vision of a more privacy-respecting internet and the greater online community.

With this exposure and sponsorship, your customers will recognize your intrinsic understanding and commitment to user privacy. Moreover, you'll directly contribute to our mission of spreading privacy-respecting tools and knowledge worldwide!

As a sponsor of PrivacyTools, your company will be widely recognized in a variety of ways, some of which we've detailed below.

General Information

This website receives well over 250,000 pageviews on a monthly basis and is highly ranked for privacy-related keywords. In addition to the benefits below your contribution will be featured on our OpenCollective page and we will thank you via social media for your contribution.

🥉 Bronze Sponsorship - Info
  • Your name and link along with a small logo or avatar on the sponsors page of this website.
🥈 Silver Sponsorship - Info
  • Your medium-sized logo as a link at the top of our sponsors page.
🥇 Gold Sponsorship - Info
  • Your medium-sized logo as a link on the PrivacyTools homepage and at the very top of our sponsors page.
We will not provide...

We pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment to spreading unbiased and fact-based information regarding privacy and privacy-respecting tools. All tools we recommend throughout our website are subject to strict criteria as judged by our team and the community across our various platforms. Your sponsorship will not grant your organization any special consideration when choosing our recommendations throughout the website, a process which we make clear via our transparent ledger on OpenCollective and our public discussions on GitHub. Your sponsorship benefits are limited to those outlined above.

Tax and Financial Information

Your contribution to PrivacyTools will be handled by the Open Collective Foundation 501(c)(3). For US companies and taxpayers, this means your contribution is tax deductible. As a non-profit, your sponsorship contribution will not be used for private profit and will only be used to cover expenses incurred by the project. All of our transactions (donations and expenses) are published transparently on OpenCollective. For the benefit of our readership, anonymous contributions will not be eligible for the sponsorship opportunities outlined above.

More Information

If you are interested and have further questions, you are welcome to reach out to us directly at sponsors@privacytools.io.